Hairspray at Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre


“From the opening scene, David grabs your heart with ‘Good Morning, Baltimore’ and never lets go. Her portrayal of Tracy is filled with the angst of a teenager but the wisdom of a sage. David’s voice is right on, but it’s her dance moves that catch the eye and endear her character. She floats, hops, stomps and shakes her way into your heart.”
- Kathy Schwartz, The Herald Bulletin

“Adee David, who returns to B&B following her role as ‘Pink Lady’ Jan in the recent production of Grease, is absolutely perfect as the star struck, idealistic teen – Tracy Turnblad. Her high-end vocal talents and impressive dance abilities are truly star quality stuff.”
- Ken Klingenmeier, A Seat on the Aisle

“Adee David's interpretation of Tracy is daring and sharper than ever…and it is clear she owns the show. Tracy in this production at Beef & Boards is completely unregretful in her passion for Link (Nate Willey), her dislike for her new rival Amber (Sarah Daniels), and her passion to act on her beliefs. From the rousing, "Good Morning, Baltimore," that opens the musical, setting the tone for the rest of the show, to the more sappy, fantasy number, "I Can Hear the Bells,"…[there is] no doubt that this musical is hers.”
- Dylan Caraker, BroadwayWorld Indianapolis

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Grease at Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre

“Andy Kear as Roger and Adee David as Jan nearly steal the show with their duet in ‘Mooning.’ This fun and somewhat crass ditty wasn’t included in the film, but it’s a must-see part of the musical.”
- Heather Bremer, Herald Bulletin

"This is a young, vibrant cast where every actor is GOING FOR IT…Andy Kear as Roger and Adee David as Jan create a sweet and hilarious duo. There was no way for me not to laugh out loud at their over-the-top choreography as they celebrated the beauty of ‘full moons’…Nicely done.”
- Trisha Shepherd, Indy’s Child


The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at Actors Theatre of Indiana

"The show's cast. . . is a treasury of talent. . . . Adee David brings the desperately libbed-out Logainne Swartzandgrubenierre to life with an energetic accounting."
- Ken Klingenmeier, A Seat on the Aisle

"One of the biggest laughs in Actors Theatre of Indiana’s production of the show. . . comes from such a tweak. During the pledge of allegiance that kicks off the title competition, oh-so-politically-correct 12-year-old competitor Logainne Schwartzandgrubenierre [played by Adee David] . . . takes a knee while the other kids put their hands on their hearts. A small matter, perhaps, but that detail—and the priceless reactions of the other competitors and adult proctors—typifies the care that has gone into this production of the popular show."
- Lou Harry, Indianapolis Business Journal